Heaven is releasing Battering Rams

November 29, 2018

Ezekiel 26:9
“For woe unto those that have laughed and rejoiced saying they will fall, who have celebrated at the thought of my prophets crumbling. Even unto those that in your heart said, if America falls I will become wealthy so you established your hearts to prophesy against her. You said she will fall, that disaster is her end.” “I am sending the battering rams in this hour and they will pound your walls and demolish your towers,” says the Lord. For in the months to come I will even revel the trojan horse in the government. Then the Lord told me to look and I saw a scandal hit national news. “I am even sending them to break down the walls of opposition in your life. My promises are Yes and Amen” says the Lord. Then the Lord said “My battering rams will leave nothing unturned.”