Prophetic word for Brazil.

November 8, 2018


I seen the Gavel of democracy drop in Brazil. USA and Brazil presidents will shake hands. I seen the same pattern in Brazil as in America of the righteous overthrowing the political corruption in Brazil. As I was praying the Lord took me into an open vision into Brazil. I heard the gun shot of the olympics and the Lord said it is your turn to run the race Brazil. I see the Economy if Brazil begin to rise to its all time high under new leadership, the president of Brazil is chosen from God for such a time as this and will forge relationships with the president of the untied states. This relationship will push this the president of Brazil to think in strategy of business for their country. There will be talk about the oil and gold standard of economical policy just as I see talk in the back rooms of America. I also began to see the Gold in Brazil rejuvenate the economy. It looked like another Gold rush. The winds of revival began to blow on the flag of Brazil. And a Charismatic Movement launched to the four corners of Brazil. As the testimony of Jesus was known abroad, depression was broken.

And on 1/4/2019 this news report was released verifying the word of the Lord that Johnathan spoke.