Urgent call to prayer pertaining Israel.

November 13, 2018

Part 1 of Vision

14 days: This is an urgent call to prayer. This prophetic word is Arbitrary and we have the power to shift the outcome of this result... While in prayer the Lord spoke to me and said, “ I will defend Israel.” The Lord said the next 14 days of prayer are crucial. That if the church prays for the protection of Israel it will cause a shift to take place in war that is to come. With-In 14 days I seen boots mobilizing from Israel and America getting involved with plans of a counter attack because of this assault on Israel.

Part 2 of Vision:

I am seeing a news break with president Donald Trump talking about the protection of the US Embassy and our relationship with Israel. If we pray I seen an over-turning in the spirit and the enemy stopped before a counter attack from Israel took place.