Emerging leaders: exciting time and a warning from the Lord

November 16, 2018

Last night the Lord gave me a dream. In this dream I was taken on the most advanced jet I have ever seen. This jet was full of young 5 fold ministers from every walk of life. On the jet there was a side cargo and seating areas that were smaller and more intimate in look. As I entered into the smaller area of seating I noticed that the clothing was different, it reminded me of the many are called and few are chosen. These ministers where in deep prayer and thought with the Lord. They were not moved by the dazzle of the jet in the main section. When I walked into the smaller area I looked over and in walked a woman. I immediately was flagged in the spirit as to her motive in being there. She then began to go to each minister, both male and female and ask if they wanted to leave to the restroom with her. Each minister that rejected her caused her anger to grow and her pursuit and persuasion towards the next minister to fuel and become more aggressive. Each person that denied her was given a secret code to come in and out of this jet as they pleased. The Lord spoke to me and said that these leaders are emerging quickly as voices in the body. Their prayer lives will separate them in regard to their impact and that there has been a demonic strategy by Jezebel to take them out in their ascension before they arrive to their destiny. The code that was given was divine access to everything needed in different season of ascension and God declaring that he is accelerating them in their life with uncommon and advanced tactics to reach more power, disciple the masses, and to amplify their voices. -Johnathan Stidham