God Loves to Adopt

God Loves to Adopt is a book that will inspire and help you to:
-Discover how much God loves and values you
-Become the child of God you were created to be
-Share with others the reality of God’s love for them
-Uncover His amazing purpose and destiny for your walk with Him

$5.99 Kindle / $12.49 Paperback

Emerge: It’s Your Turn

God has a natural response to chaos and darkness and that is to call light into being. As the light emerges and begins to spread, all darkness begins to dissipate. When God wants a new sound to bring forth His light or purpose, he emerges a new era. Their combative techniques are innovative, thus rendering their upgraded thought process more advanced than the enemy. There is an era emerging that is disenchanted with systems, functions, and the lack of power that is being displayed in the Body of Christ. They are hungry and willing to do what it takes to see the church look like the book of Acts once again. They have new concepts, dress differently, have a different spiritual vernacular, and are ready to wreck this world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Much like Joseph’s, the dreams of this era will intimidate those who have been paralyzed by religion. – Johnathan Stidham

$12.00 Paperback

20 Days of Prophetic Reset: Prophetic Reset Devotional

Inside of every season, there are two books working at the same time. The Book of Life recording your salvation, current works and circumstance and the Psalm 139 book that God wrote about the season you are in, declaring the finished work of Jesus over you. It is time to Reset your Life !

$12.00 Paperback

Unmasking A Throwaway Generation

An excellent understanding of how God moves within His agreement with us should directly affect how we move within the agreements we make with people. We live in a throwaway generation where it is expectable to be double-minded, continually violating our contentions. Many people are lonely not because they are not loved, or others don’t want to be a part of their life. They don’t know which person they will encounter, the one who they initially agreed with as a friend, co-laborer, son/daughter, or relationally. Principles are eternal agreements God has made, contracts which reside in the library of Heaven. These contracts cannot be voided, destroyed or changed until we all are with Christ.

$12.00 Paperback

Angels & Demons: Inside the Unseen Realm

Johnathan and Christopher have given revelatory insight on the Kingdom of God and we work with angels to fulfill our assignment through the Holy Ghost, how angels and demons function, the hierarchy of angels and demons, the functionality of different classes of angels and demons, and so much more. If you desire to have the eyes of your understanding awakened this is a must read for you.

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Prophetic Rain- Prophetic Soaking Music

This Mp3 Album is a must have for ushering in the presence of God!

$9.49 Mp3 album