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Dr. Johnathan Stidham

Dr. Johnathan L. Stidham is a husband, father, author, and called by God to build up regions to experience the presence and manifested glory of God. 


He accepted the call to ministry at the age of 16 and was immediately filled with a burning desire for the body of Christ to encounter miracles, signs, and wonders as the early church experienced. He is known for his prophetic accuracy in the body of Christ as well as the government. He has planted numerous churches and is the founder and overseer of a global ministry, Johnathan Stidham Ministries. Johnathan travels locally, nationally and internationally training and equipping leaders while maintaining a thriving congregation at his home church Christ Embassy in Nicholasville, Kentucky. 


He is a decorated veteran serving 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has a heart for the lost and those suffering with ailments and infirmities believing for restoration and a new life in Christ Jesus. 


Johnathan and his wife Tonya are respected members of their community in Nicholasville, Kentucky where they reside with their three beautiful children. 

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