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Enroll for July 2023 Classes Today!

The Master's Class is a one-year intensive hybrid of courses and gatherings for prophets. Dr. Johnathan Stidham has spent half of his life cultivating the mysteries of God and his ministry is marked by notable manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Over the course, one will be fully equipped and will master many untaught mysteries in the prophetic.



  • Mastering the Mysteries of God

  • Mastering the Spiritual Anatomy and Miracles

  • Mastering Riddles, Parables, Colors, and Numbers of God

  • Mastering the Ways and Communications of God

  • Mastering the Angelic Realm

  • Mastering Deliverance

  • Mastering the Dream Realm

  • Mastering the Financial Realm

  • Mastering Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom, 

  • Mastering Foretelling and Forth-telling


Who is the Master's Class for?

The Master's Class is designed for those ready to come into the fullness of the Office of the Prophet. 


What does the Master's Class look like?

The Master's Class is a hybrid course that will be held once-a-week for online sessions via Zoom as well as in-person gatherings.


What will you Receive?

  • Dynamic weekly online teachings

  • In-person gatherings with special opportunities to travel abroad

  • Private community and network of other Prophets

  • In-person Graduation after completing course

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